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Database Design (5 Days)


Businesses continually change to become more effective and competitive in the global market. One area that is not addressed or given enough attention in regard to change is database design. This can be a hindrance as a business moves forward, since one of the key assets of any business is their data. However, if the data structures are designed properly they will usually meet the changes in business process for many years with very little change themselves.  This course is designed to fine-tune your staff’s skills and present concepts that can be used to better utilize your data assets.


Course Content


  • Where to look for possible data sources
  • Approach to developing a data model
  • Enterprise aware design techniques
  • Various modeling techniques such as UML and Entity Modeling
  • Description of logical and physical design techniques
  • Techniques to apply to models to check for completeness and consistency
  • Physical database design techniques to deal with performance and design implementation issues
  • The Mobile factor
  • Discussions on the various databases on the market currently, such as MySQL, SQLAnywhere, Microsoft SQL Server and others
  • How to design a robust transactional model


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Building an Application Framework (4 Days)


Today there is a plethora of development tools that empower developers with rich development environments. The problem is that the development frameworks provided by the tools only deal with the programming paradigm but not with the problems of the application needs. This course focuses on how to design an application framework and provides guidelines for choosing a development tool that has the necessary characteristics to develop that framework. The resulting application framework provides the foundation for the development of the enterprise’s future applications.


Course Content


  • Description of an Application Framework
  • The type of development tool attributes needed
  • Framework architecture
  • Data Access issues
  • Functional Analysis
  • Processing needs
  • Object design
  • Benefits of framework
  • What to do next


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Database Fundamentals (5 Days)


The course is designed to inform those individuals that are not familiar with relational databases on how they work and how to retrieve information from them.  The goal of this course is to equip individuals to use relational databases efficiently and to be able to effectively describe their needs to the Database Administrator.


Course Content


  • Introduction to relational database concepts
  • Understanding relationships within the database
  • The language of the relational database, SQL
  • What are transactions and how to use them
  • Review of typical data retrieval problems and solutions


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Information System Design (5 Days)


Designing systems is a key to successful systems. This course is designed to provide the professional with an overall set of design techniques to approach the many challenges of designing systems for the enterprise.


Course Content


  • Introduction to Enterprise Design
  • Zachman Framework
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Architectural Considerations
  • Gathering Business Requirements
  • Modeling Techniques UML and Entity Modeling
  • Logical and Physical Data Modeling
  • Implementation Techniques
  • Transaction Modeling
  • Application Framework Design
  • Consistency and Completeness Checking techniques
  • Mobile considerations


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Effective Business Analysis (3 Days)


One of the biggest issues that face the improvement or development of a system is obtaining useful business requirements. Producing the right business requirements requires the involvement of experts, who are the users that the system will be developed for. This course will provide the professional with the techniques necessary to produce an excellent set of development requirements that the user has defined.


Course Content


  • Overview of the technique
  • Identifying key users to be involved
  • Participants
  • Activity Analysis
  • Process Responsibility
  • Data Relationships
  • Business Process Descriptions
  • Transferring Results into Modeling Techniques like UML


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Building Business Objects (3 Days)


Designing objects for re-use within the development process is key to reliable and robust systems development. This course focuses on how an organization can develop these objects that describe the many business processes.


Course Content


  • What is a business object
  • Where to find business objects
  • Designing the business objects
  • Development approach for  business objects


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Project Management (5 Days)


Project management is a key component of getting the job done when developing or enhancing business systems. This course is designed to provide professionals with a set of procedures to facilitate them in managing a development project.


Course Content


  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Developing Project Charter
  • Team Responsibilities
  • Problem Analysis
  • System Design
  • Applying Business Requirements
  • Change Management
  • Agile Development
  • Reviews
  • Training
  • Testing Strategy
  • Meeting Management
  • System Completion
  • Implementation Planning
  • Post Implementation Strategy


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