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Mediator is a robust, enterprise-ready database syncronizing tool. With any size business in mind, Mediator is a DBA's best friend, allowing data synronization through ODBC or native APIs with almost every form of database. Originally designed with corporate databases in mind, Mediator is a fully scalable export-transfer-load (ETL) product that ensures data integrity is maintained through every stage of migration.


Mediator is a parameter-driven ETL designed to keep information current on multiple databases at different locations or between different database vendors while encouraging hands off maintenance of common data across different databases and systems.


Mediator's Synchronization key functions are:


  • Synchronize the local database with the information found on a local server database
  • Synchronize two disparate databases on the same or different data servers
  • Provides control of these synchronizations at the table level as well as the actual selection criteria
  • Provides on demand synchronization
  • Provides synchronization based on a specific time or elapsed time
  • Provides synchronization based on a polling  strategy


Sample Databases used with Mediator ETL Tool:


  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • SQL Anywhere
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • Omnis Studio
  • MS Access
  • SQL Server
  • RMS
  • Interbase


Prices start at US $1,995. Depending on system and user requirements, please contact us below for a customized quote

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